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You CAN Read Your Dog’s Mind…

It’s all about listening with your eyes!

What if we told you your dog is constantly trying to speak with you? He is. And you’re probably misunderstanding him.

If we could understand this body language only a little better, we’d relieve our pups of common misbehaviors that are actually our fault.   We all long for a way to better “speak” with our beloved canine companions. And here it is…

The Dog-to-English Dictionary: Explaining Common Dog Behaviors and Expressions They Use to “Speak” With Us and Each Other is the ultimate “translation” guide for all loving pawrents.

This exclusive eBook from The Whole Dog Journal is available for immediate download. You’ll be able to know what’s on your dog’s mind. Thoughts like…

– “I’m really scared of all these new people. Are they a threat!?”

– “I need a break.”

– “Something’s not right!! Follow me!”

– “I have something biting my skin! I can’t get it off and I need help!”

The groundbreaking Dog-to-English Dictionary will show you how to use canine communication techniques to encourage “good” behaviors, such as not barking at the delivery man; and eliminate “bad” behaviors – like random aggression.

Give your dog the gift of conversations! He’s worked hard to understand how you communicate; isn’t it fair that you do the same for him? Order your copy of The Dog-to-English Dictionary today.

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