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Will Pet Insurance Help You?

Myth or Fact: Is Pet Insurance Costly?

Insurance for cats and dogs isn’t as standard as insurance for houses and cars. Unfortunately, this is because of the many myths and misconceptions about pet insurance. Pet owners are more inclined to pay out-of-pocket costs than get insurance for their furry friends. Why is that? The costs associated with pet insurance make owners vehemently deny the benefits.

You do not need to get the first pet insurance policy you encounter. It’s crucial to read resources and reviews like Spot pet insurance reviews before agreeing to a specific plan. Among the many things you have to check are the coverage, the premium, and the claims process. You should also check the specific breed of cat or dog you have and ensure the policy covers their usual conditions. 

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Myth: Young and Healthy Pets Don’t Need Insurance 

The best time to buy pet insurance is when the pets are still young and healthy. Pre-existing conditions aren’t eligible for pet insurance, so it’s important to secure a policy before these pre-existing conditions start to appear. If your pets eat something toxic or develop skin rashes, the policy can take care of their vet needs. 

Myth: Pet Insurance Doesn’t Cover Vaccines 

There are some pet insurance policies that cover vaccines and boosters. However, it doesn’t make sense to pay for insurance on expected annual costs of pet upkeep. If you know you need to pay $500 a year for your pets’ boosters, why spend that money on an insurance company? Pet insurance protects owners from unexpected costs of pet maintenance. This includes injuries and illnesses that cost thousands of dollars to treat. 

Myth: Pet Insurance Doesn’t Work With All Clinics and Hospitals 

This claim is the biggest myth of all. Pet insurance doesn’t work the same as health insurance. With pet insurance, the owners have to file a claim to get reimbursement. You don’t have to worry if the veterinarian is “in-network.” The insurance will cover a portion of the cost of treating your pets. This, of course, depends on your specific insurance policy. 

Myth: Filing a Claim Is Such a Nuisance 

Admittedly, some pet insurance companies make it hard to file a claim. That’s why you need to review the policies before signing them. Most pet insurance will simply require a copy of the vet invoice. If your pet insurance has an app, you just need to upload the invoice and wait for the process to complete. 

Myth: Previous Medical Conditions Are Not Covered

While it is true that pre-existing conditions are not included in pet insurance, you can still ask for coverage for illnesses they’ve already been cleared from before. For example, your dog had an ear infection three years ago. If it has been cleared from it, the policy can cover ear infection if it happens again. Additionally, there are a lot of illnesses born out of previous conditions. Pet insurance can cover these as long as it is not the pre-existing condition itself. 

Do not second-guess the usefulness of pet insurance. It’s a practical way to take care of your pets. Being a pet parent is more than just playing with them and buying them the best dog food. You want them to live a long and healthy life, right? Then, pet insurance is a practical way to ensure you can always provide for their needs.



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