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To Eat or Not to Eat…That is the Question… we have the answer!

Don’t feed your pups avocado, asparagus, cherries, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions of any kind, grapes, garlic.

Fruits & Vegetables Your Dog Can Eat

Fruits and Vegetables Your Dogs Can Eat!

Remy & Louie send wags and kisses!

– Oranges: Make sure to toss the fruit’s peel and seeds.
– Peaches: Small amounts of cut-up peaches are just perfect. Avoid canned peaches.
– Pears: Cut pears into little pieces and don’t forget to remove the pit and seeds.
– Peas: Avoid canned peas.
– Pineapple: A few chunks of pineapple are enough.
– Potatoes: A washed, peeled, boiled or baked potato is perfect.
– Raspberries: Give them to your dog in moderation.
– Strawberries: Make sure to give them in moderation.
– Spinach: It’s not one of the best veggies to share with your dog.
– Sweet potatoes: Only give your pup unseasoned cooked sweet potatoes that have cooled down.
– Green beans: As long as they are plain, all kinds of green beans are safe.
– Mango: Remove the hard pit first.
– Cranberries: Feed to your dog in small quantities.
– Cucumbers: They are particularly beneficial for overweight dogs.
– Bananas: Give them to your dog only as an occasional treat.
– Blueberries: They are a great alternative to store-bought treats.
– Broccoli: Feed in very small quantities, occasionally.
– Brussel Sprouts: Never overfeed them to your pup.
– Cantaloupe: Feed in moderation, particularly if your dog is overweight or have diabetes.
– Carrots: Crunching on this vegetable is great for your pup’s teeth.
– Celery: It’s a crunchy green snack that’s also known to improve doggy breath.
– Apples: This is the perfect snack for senior dogs. Remember to remove all the seeds and core first.

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