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The Best Dog Etiquette Tips to Keep Peace in the Neighborhood

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The Best Dog Etiquette Tips to Keep Peace in the Neighborhood

If you’ve never been kept up all night by a neighbor’s dog barking, or walked out the front door to a smelly surprise, then you may not realize just how important dog etiquette is. If you would like to live peacefully in your neighborhood without becoming public enemy number one, it could be time to teach your dog some manners. Here are just a few tips for becoming a responsible pet owner.

Stop the Barking

You may not realize it, but you actually can train your dog to bark only when necessary. One way to do this is to ignore him while he is barking, but turn to him and give him praise the second he stops. It won’t take long for him to differentiate the good behavior from the bad. Also, try to keep him from being cooped up inside and bored all day. If your schedule is busy and you are going to be gone most of the day, consider hiring a dog walker or dog sitter to allow him to expend some energy and get out of the house.

Be Considerate of House Guests

Not everyone loves dogs, and even if they do, they might not love yours the way you do. When people stop by to visit, don’t automatically assume that they will want your pet climbing onto their lap. If your dog stays outside even part of the time, consider letting him play in the backyard while you have visitors. Or if that’s not an option, keep rambunctious pets in their areas with pet gates or crates. If you feel your pet can be polite during a visit, at least give him plenty of exercise before they arrive to curb some of the nervous energy they might feel with the presence of someone new.

Mind His Business

You are probably mindful of cleaning up his messes while you’re walking around the neighborhood, but most people don’t think too much of letting their dogs urinate near the neighbor’s bushes. But dog urine can actually cause a lot of damage to lawns and other greenery, and it’s just good manners to keep them away. Steer them toward pavement or rocks outside your neighbors’ yards instead.

Fence Him In

Some pet owners get in the habit of letting their dogs run around the neighborhood. And they think just because they’re spayed or neutered, there is not much harm in it. But most people would rather not have strange pets in their yard, so make sure your fences are secure and keep him inside the fence. Inspect your fence every once in a while to make sure he is not digging underneath or that there are no loose boards or wires where he can escape.

If you need a fence installed, locate Angi fence companies in your area. Be sure to carefully consider reviews and feedback from past customers and check in to see if any fence companies are offering discounts or credits on installation work. Installing a fence averages $4,500, but costs can vary widely depending on what type of materials you use, the size of the fence, and your location.

Dog Park Etiquette

Believe it or not, the dog park has its own set of unspoken rules to ensure safe play with other dogs. For example, don’t bring a dog that is sick or in heat. Don’t bring food for your dog that other owners will have to keep their dogs away from. And be mindful of any aggressive situations that might be festering before they get out of hand, either from or toward your pup. Intervene early and separate dogs who might not get along.

Your dog needs to expend energy just like you do. To keep him relaxed and healthy he needs a lot more companionship than you may realize. Do your best not to leave him at home alone for long periods of time or to keep him cooped up when he needs to get out and play. If your dog is happy and relaxed, he will be much more likely to behave himself.


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