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Dog Ramps: Does Your Dog Need One?

Age, arthritis, and injuries can interfere with your dog’s enjoyment of beds, sofas, and rides in the car. Dog ramps can help inactive dogs enjoy their favorite places again.

Your dog can’t move around the way he used to. He might have trouble with stairs or his favorite window seat, and you feel his disappointment. Fortunately, a whole industry supports canine mobility with ramps and stairs that can help him feel younger again.

What are dog ramps and why use them?

Ramps are flat sloping boards that replace stairs with a gradual incline that’s easy to walk up or down. Most dog ramps are made of wood, plastic, or metal, and their surfaces include carpet, fabric, artificial grass, and nonskid materials.

When positioned between the floor and furniture or between the ground and your car’s door, a dog ramp can:

  • Reduce joint strain and arthritis pain.
  • Assist older dogs who can no longer jump into a car or onto a sofa or grooming table.
  • Prevent injury to you or whomever helps the dog climb up or down.
  • Reduce stress or anxiety associated with mobility tasks.
  • Help developing puppies stay safe by preventing hard landings.
  • Help dogs of all ages recover from illness, accidents, injuries, or surgery.

What should I look for in a dog ramp?dog ramp

When using car ramps, always provide your dog with guidance and support, so he doesn’t try to rush or jump off, and can’t slip or fall off if distracted. © Molly100 |

Dog ramps come in all kinds of materials, sizes, and price ranges. Here are some considerations.

  • If you plan to use the ramp indoors and out, look for durable materials that survive weather changes.
  • An adjustable ramp can be used in different situations or with different vehicles.
  • A folding or collapsible ramp will be easy to transport.
  • Be sure the ramp will fit in your vehicle if you plan to travel with it.
  • Nonskid surfaces, safety rails, and sturdy construction help prevent accidents.
  • The ramp should be an appropriate size for your dog and it should support her weight.
  • Be sure the ramp’s slope is comfortable for your dog. Small dogs and dogs with mobility problems often need a gentle or easy slope.
  • Check to be sure you can lift, extend, adjust, or move the ramp easily.
  • Look for a ramp that is easy to clean so it will stay fresh and look attractive.

What is the best dog ramp for my car?

Think about where you’re likely to go with your dog in the vehicle you’re most likely to use. Bi-fold and tri-fold collapsible ramps with skid- or slip-resistant surfaces are popular options, but check the size and weight of the ramp along with assembly instructions and slope to be sure it’s a good match for you and your car as well as your dog.

What is the best ramp for my bed?

Pet stairs and ramps make it easy for dogs to climb onto your bed or other furniture. Check the weight capacity for stairs, as different models support 20 pounds to more than 150. For convenience, look for a ramp or stairs that can be left in place, and for aesthetic appreciation, choose one that goes well with your furniture.

Ramps are unfamiliar to most dogs, so introduce your ramp in a quiet area free of distractions and practice with rewards and praise.


Avoid Common Dog Dangers with the Must-Have Guide on Dog Safety

As you walk in the door from work, your dog leaps with joy, letting out resounding barks of approval and happiness. But then she lets out a concerning yelp of pain. You look down to see a torn toenail that needs immediate attention. What do you do? Is it an emergency? Can you help?

When your dog is hurt or in pain, you jump into triage mode. Scenarios like torn toenails or bone fragments lodged in the mouth are common dangers dogs may face every day. Some you can remedy yourself; others require medical attention. Can you determine which is which?

As a pet owner, you’re committed to keeping your best friend safe. Learning what some of the most common dangers dogs face daily inside and outside of the home can help ensure you create a safe environment for your pet.

With the help of Whole Dog Journal’s digital guide, Dog Dangers, you can gain valuable insight into common hazards your dog faces every day, including what to look out for, what to avoid, and what to do if your dog hurts himself. You’ll also get tips on important details like creating a first aid kit for your dog and keeping him safe while swimming, so you can eliminate dangers from your dog’s environment before they harm him.

In Dog Dangers, you’ll discover how to:

  • Avoid the most common situations sending dogs into the emergency room by learning more about what they are
  • How to protect your pets during the holidays by getting helpful tips on reducing stress and helping them avoid harmful foods and commonly ingested object
  • Induce vomiting safely when it’s necessary when harmful substances have been ingested
  • Identify common household items and foods that are dangerous to dogs so you can create a safer home environment

This e-book is a must-have addition to your pet care library, giving you valuable tips to protect your dog at home and while out having fun. Give yourself peace of mind and your dog the safest environment possible by downloading your copy of Dog Dangers today.

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Summer Flea & Tick Season is Upon Us!

How to protect your dog from flea & tick season, according to a veterinarian…a few things to consider…

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TKKTKT. (Photo: Getty Images)
If you have a furry friend, now’s the time to brush up on the best flea and tick treatments on the market. (Photo: Getty Images)

For pet owners, warm weather is synonymous with peak flea and tick season. Bites are notorious for causing everything from intense itching to more serious infections like Lyme disease, so keeping your pet protected is more important than ever this time of year.

When it comes to fleas, they don’t just affect your pet, says Wellness Natural Pet Food veterinarian, Dr. Danielle Bernal. “Once your dog has them, they can take over the entire home,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle, noting that furniture and floorboards are especially at risk for flea infestation. “About 70 percent of dogs that are itchy and scratching have fleas, so it’s really abundant—protection is key.”

Ticks can lead to anemia, paralysis and even Lyme disease — so picking the right preventative measure is extremely important. “Tick bites can lead to expensive vet bills and a situation where your pet is really unwell,” says Dr. Bernal.

So if you have a furry friend, now’s the time to brush up on the best flea and tick treatments on the market, below.

Spot treatments

Frontline Plus Flea & Tick Large Breed Dog Treatment, 45 - 88 lbs. (Photo: Chewy)
Frontline Plus Flea & Tick Large Breed Dog Treatment, 45 – 88 lbs. (Photo: Chewy)

“Spot treatments have been the most popular option for the last 10 years.
says Dr. Bernal. She adds that while there are many brands and formulas out there, the most important thing to look for is one that kills fleas and ticks but also prevents future infestations.

Shop it: Frontline Plus Flea & Tick Large Breed Dog Treatment (6 doses), 45 – 88 lbs., $67,


Bravecto Chews for Dogs, 44-88 lbs, One 3-month treatment. (Photo: Chewy)
Bravecto Chews for Dogs, 44-88 lbs, One 3-month treatment. (Photo: Chewy)

Dr. Bernal says tablets are the newest way to prevent fleas and ticks. The pill is available in 1 to 3 month-long preventative doses, which is great for busy (and sometimes forgetful) pet parents. “As pet parents, one of the challenges we have is remembering to do things, so I’ve seen a lot of success with the 3-month tablet,” she says. “If you stay active with the 3-month treatments, it’s just four times a year, and you get consistent protection so it’s my go-to.”

Not only are the tablets easy to use, but Dr. Bernal says they’re also one of the best preventatives for ticks. “Ticks are hard because many spot treatments only protect against ticks for about 2 weeks out of the 4 — but with the tablet, you’re covered for up to 3 months.”

​Shop it: Bravecto Chews for Dogs, 44-88 lbs, One 3-month treatment, $55,


Seresto 8 Month Flea & Tick Prevention Collar for Large Dogs. (Photo: Chewy)
Seresto 8 Month Flea & Tick Prevention Collar for Large Dogs. (Photo: Chewy)

While most collars, like Seresto, protect against flea and ticks, she recommends collars for added tick protection if you’re using a spot treatment.

“Collars are really popular for tick prevention specifically,” says Dr. Bernal. “Ticks are everywhere—even the dog park—and what stimulates them is the carbon dioxide from your dog’s breath. So the collars work to neutralize that and repel ticks over a period of time.”

Shop it: Seresto 8 Month Flea & Tick Prevention Collar for Large Dogs, $58,

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