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Stop Barking

A visitor walks up to your front porch and rings the doorbell. Your dog goes wild, barking and jumping about. The excitement continues for the next few minutes until you can calm down your furry friend.

If you’re a dog owner, this is likely a familiar scene. Barking can be a stressor for you, visitors to your home, neighbors, and your dog. So, what can you do to reduce your dog’s bad barking habits?
Learning what your dog’s barks mean is the first step in training your dog to bark less. While there is no technology out there to tell us exactly what our dogs need and what their barks mean, Whole Dog Journal’s guide, Stop Barking, provides valuable guidance on deciphering your dog’s barks and training tips on how to transform your pet into a calmer and quieter companion.
  • 7 reasons why your dog is barking – and how to stop it
  • An incredibly useful training tool to help redirect undesirable behaviors
  • Training tips to help your dog greet calmly and quietly when visitors come knocking
  • How to teach multiple dogs to quiet their barking
  • 5 things to do when your dog’s barking is disrupting the neighborhood

This guide is a critical addition to any dog owner’s library, providing practical advice and tips on how to help your dog to stop inappropriate barking. Enjoy a happier, calmer, and quieter home and pet today by downloading your copy of Stop Barking.

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