Westie Highland Terrier Leash Holder



Having a dog leash holder is like having a personal valet for your furry friend. It keeps the leash in check and prevents it from going on a wild adventure without you. Plus, it adds a touch of organization to your home, so you can focus on more important things, like cuddling with your pup and watching Netflix. So, if you want to be the coolest dog owner on the block, get yourself a leash holder and let the good times roll!

Cast from an original wood carving. Measures approx. 6.5″ in tall. Hanger included. The resin dog sculpture is perched on top of a solid Walnut Plaque. The 5 x 7 Walnut plaque includes two 3 inch Shaker Pegs to hold leashes. Hand painted. Made in USA

Please Note: Due to the natural variations in hand-made items, actual product may vary slightly from those pictured.


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