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Pekingese by Vistia



Pekingese Pictures: Pekingese Painting by Michael Vistia. Looking for Pekingese pictures? Then you’ve come to the right place. Part of our collection of dog paintings, this Pekingese painting is gorgeous, colorful and vibrant. Pekingese painting comes in canvas prints as well as matted prints.

Pekingese Pictures and Pekingese Painting on Matted or Canvas Prints

Decorate your walls with Pekingese pictures! All of our Pekingese pictures make wonderful wall art. Choose between Matted Prints, Gallery Wrapped Canvas, and Limited Edition Canvas with high-grade Metallic Flake. See image below for examples of each. Metallic Flake transforms canvas into a “Dazzling Display of Dancing Light”. The Metallic Flake is applied by hand to the entire background as well as random spaces within the subject.

Dog Portraits and Dog Paintings by Michael Vistia. Canvas prints and matted prints for sale.

Dog lovers rejoice! Decorate your home with flair. If you’re a fan of this wonderful dog breed, Pekingese pictures are a must-have. Show your love for dogs with Pekingese pictures. Buy matted prints or canvas prints. Add the beauty of a Pekingese painting to your own dog home decor. Or give a Pekingese painting as gifts to dog lovers in your life.

This Pekingese painting is part of our collection of dog portraits by Michael Vistia. Michael Vistia is a very talented dog artist who creates pet portraits as canvas prints and matted prints. Rich and dramatic, Michael Vistia’s dog portraits add warmth and vibrancy to any space. His artwork is part of our collection of dog art. Our dog art includes dog prints, dog portraits, dog paintings, funny dog signs, wooden signs, canvas prints, matted prints. Whether you’re looking for canvas prints or matted prints, we’ve got you covered. Pekingese pictures are a wonderful way to express your love and appreciation for your favorite dog breed. This Pekingese painting is lovingly made in the USA.

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