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Paws and Reflect – Australian Shepherd Contemplation Mug


Immerse yourself in thought with our “Paws and Reflect” mug, a contemplative piece that captures the intelligent gaze of an Australian Shepherd. Debby Carman’s artistry brings this ceramic to life with a blend of vibrant hues and expressive details, hand-painted onto a serene green backdrop that reflects the peacefulness of a meadow.This 16 oz mug is more than just a vessel for your favorite drinks; it’s a conversation starter, a piece of art, and a testament to the bond between humans and their herding companions. Made with love in the USA, it’s food safe and built to last, ready to accompany you through microwave reheats and dishwasher cycles. Perfect for those introspective moments over coffee or tea, the “Paws and Reflect” mug is your loyal companion for every sip.

  • Ceramic Dog Mug
  • Free personalization with Pets NameĀ 
    Please add custom instructions or image uploads during checkout.
  • Dishwasher & Microwave Safe
  • Non-Toxic. Lead Free. Food & Liquid Safe
  • Made in USA
  • Each is made to order and Hand Painted by Debby Carman

Sizes are approximate. Colors and sizing vary slightly as each piece is handmade.
Item expected to ship in 2-3 weeks

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Mug Sizes

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6 in


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