Dog Enrichment Toys: 3-in-1 New Angle Dog Ball



Dog Balls: New Angle Dog ToyPlay catch and fetch with the best of dog enrichment toys and dog balls! This New Angle dog ball offers three toys in one — a treat toy, fetch toy, and dental toy.

Dog Enrichment Toys

  • Puzzle/Treat Dog Toy

    Dog treats can be inserted and locked into the center of the ball. Releasing treats can create an exciting challenge for your dog. Puzzle toys help relieve dog boredom and can be a great dog training aid.

  • Fetch Dog Toy

    Open-frame construction makes this dog toy lighter in weight than comparably sized dog balls. Easy-to-grab bite ribs are elevated from the ground when this dog toy lands, assuring that the toy is retrieved without a lot of grass and leaves. Made of the highest grade natural rubber, this dog ball can float!

  • Dental Dog Toy

    The grooved slots on this dog toy help to clean your dog’s teeth!

The New Angle dog toy measures 2.6 inches in diameter. The same size as a standard tennis ball, it’s the perfect size to fit standard tennis ball launchers. With a no-slip grip, this dog toy is made from durable, all natural rubber.

PLEASE NOTE: This toy comes in assorted colors. This dog toy is not intended as a chew toy, but for supervised play only.

Dog Toy Features

  • Measures 2.6″ (same size as tennis balls)
  • Can hold treats inside
  • Grooved construction is good for dogs teeth
  • Lighter construction is easier for fetching
  • Easy-to-grab ribs for dogs to grip and fetch
  • No-slip, durable, all natural rubber construction


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