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Dog Squeaky Toy: Martini PrideBites dog toy.Looking for a dog squeaky toy that is high quality? Try this super-cute martini! This dog squeaky toy has no intoxicating side effects. Give your dog a martini to help him or her relax at the end of a long day. Or anytime of day! This dog squeaky toy can be taken inside or outside. If your dog drops it in water, don’t worry. This dog squeaky toy can float. Pretty cool, huh? This martini won’t give your dog hiccups or a headache, but it will give the squeaks. If you want to tidy up the glass, cleaning is a breeze. Just toss it in the laundry. This martini is machine washable. Rest assured that this squeaky dog toy is Veterinarian approved, non-toxic and completely safe. Hooray!

Dog Squeaky Toy – Martini

  • Dog squeaky toy. Squeakers are sewn into pouches connected to the toy for safety
  • Floats! Floating dog toy
  • Versatile – Indoor and outdoor dog toy
  • Made of durable Durabite Fleece
  • 55 lbs pull pressure
  • Soft foam stuffing
  • Vet approved
  • Non-toxic and pet-safe
  • Machine washable
  • Quality made by PrideBites™

Best Dog Toys

Dog Squeaky Toy: Martini PrideBites dog toy.Each dog squeaky toy is created with your beloved pets in mind. We want your four-legged friends to have the best dog toys on the market today. If you’re seeking SAFE and cute dog toys, you’ve come to the right place. At Pet Lovers Market, we’re very picky about the pet products we sell. We want your dogs to be healthy and happy. This is why we offer dog squeaky toys of the highest quality. Only the best materials go into each PrideBites™ dog squeaky toy. Inside and out, they’re ultra-soft, designed tough and durable, and are all machine washable and easy to clean. All of the dog toys go through rigorous safety testing. In addition, they’re non-toxic, vet approved, and completely pet-safe! PrideBite’s goal is to combine the best of plush toys with the best of rubber toys. PrideBite toys are lightweight Durabite foam covered with soft Durabite fleece with “Rip Stop” technology. The result is a toy that’s soft but durable. It squeaks, it floats, it’s great for indoor or outdoor use, and it’s machine washable! What more can you ask for in a dog toy?


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