Organic Loofah Dog Balls (Dog Dental Toy)


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Loofah Dog Balls - Loofah Dental ToyLooking for cool dog toys to give your beloved dogs? Your furry friends will love to get a grip on this shreddable dog ball! These loofah dog balls are award-winning, all-natural, and certified organic. Not only will your dogs love to chew on these dog balls, the loofah balls offer natural dental floss which improves your dogs teeth cleaning and gum health. These loofah dog balls are meant to be shredded — that’s how do their dog teeth cleaning magic. Shredding time varies by dog.

Loofah Dog Balls: Details

Buy cool dog toys you can feel great about! Made from 100% natural loofah plant and natural vegetable dye, this dog toy is USDA certified organic. It’s safe for consumption, but intended as a dog teeth cleaning, dental toy.

  • 100% vegetable loofah plant
  • 100% all natural and digestible
  • USDA certified organic
  • Naturally dog teeth cleaning

Loofah Dog Balls: Sizes

Note: All Sizes Ship in Random Color

  • Small: 1.9″
  • Medium: 2.4″
  • Large: 3″

What is Loofah?

Loofah is a green plant fiber that’s flexible and tough. It’s not only perfect for dog chewing, it’s also great for teeth cleaning and tartar removal, leaving dogs with healthy teeth and fresh breath. The loofah fiber also helps with dogs’ digestion if they happen to eat it. For pets like rabbits and hamsters, loofah fiber is great for eating as well as chewing.


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