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Homeopathics for Dogs – Inflammation


There are many homeopathic remedies available, and they address a wide range of chronic and acute conditions. Basically, for any of the ailments that modern dogs suffer, from viruses to bacterial infections, from respiratory disease to kidney dysfunction, there’s a homeopathic remedy. Please consult a Veterinary Homeopath if you have any questions about treatment.

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Homeopathy is founded on the belief that every being (pets as well as humans) has a self-healing response, and that health problems develop when that response is hindered or imbalanced. Homeopathy views the symptoms within the larger context of the affected individual’s overall health and then tries to stimulate the body’s own healing responses.

Homeopathic remedies, therefore, cause symptoms similar to the ones the sick animal is already showing. For instance, an animal who has diarrhea would be treated within incredibly tiny amounts–a plant, mineral, or animal substance that causes diarrhea. The remedy replaces the illness, causing a cure by allowing the animal’s own healing powers to overcome the condition. Thus “like cures like.”

Remember, homeopathic medicine has its limits. Because it relies on the natural healing properties of the body, if the body is already badly damaged through disease or accident, homeopathy won’t be effective. If it’s a matter of a traumatic disease or accident, alternatives such as surgery and antibiotics are likely to be necessary. Always consult a veterinarian before treatment.

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