Handmade Heart – Dog Squeaky Toy (Assorted Colors)


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Oomaloo Heart: squeaky dog toy & handmade dog toys.Looking for a super-cute dog squeaker toy? How about one that is handmade with love? This handmade heart is fun and fabulous. It comes in beautiful red and pink — get ready to be surprised by the color you receive! Dogs love the furry texture — and the squeak too! You’ve already given your furry friend your real heart — now you can give them a fluffy one too! Celebrate dog play with the best dog toys.

Dog Squeaker Toy: Non-Toxic, Non-Shedding, Handmade

Are you picky about the toys you give your dog? You should be! It’s no secret that there are hazardous, toxic materials out there, and you don’t want them anywhere near your dog. You can rest assured that these plush dog toys are handmade with great care and attention to detail. The fluffy portions are made of high-quality, non-shedding polyester yarn for maximum durability. Small design features and details are added with a contrasting synthetic yarn. With at least one industrial-strength squeaker, each dog squeaky toy is ready for play. These handmade dog toys are made of non-toxic materials. If the toy gets dirty, just throw it in the laundry. These handmade dog toys are machine washable in cold water under the gentle cycle; air dry only. NOTE: like all plush dog toys, these handmade dog toys not indestructible. They are not intended for heavy chewers.

Handmade Dog Toys: Heart Sizes

  • Medium Dog Toy: Approx 4″
  • Large Dog Toy: Approx 6″

Handmade Dog Toys: Heart Details

  • Comes in assorted colors — be pleasantly surprised!
  • Hand-crocheted, handmade dog toys
  • Dog squeaky toy: each dog ball contains a squeaker inside
  • Nontoxic dog toy
  • Non-shedding dog toy
  • Machine washable dog toy (cold water, gentle cycle). Air dry only
  • Plush dog toy. Not intended for aggressive chewers. Best for supervised play

Please Note: No toy is indestructible. We strive to offer interesting dog toys that are aesthetically pleasing to you as well. Dog toys are intended for supervised play. Every attempt is made on our part to ensure that we offer products that are well made and pet-safe. Additionally, we suggest that pet-owners check toys frequently for loose pieces, or a pulled thread. Please enjoy these handmade dog toys with your pets responsibly.


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