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Do you love the Pekingese dog breed? So do we! Our pet shop offers home decor and garden decor — featuring the Pekingese dog breed. View our Pekingese pictures, Pekingese art, Pekingese gifts. These include: dog prints on wood; dog paintings on matted or canvas prints; dog weathervanes; and more. Enhance your home decor with Pekingese pictures. Express your love for dogs with Pekingese art and decor. Or give Pekingese gifts to the dog lovers in your life. What a wonderful way to celebrate the Pekingese dog breed!

Pekingese Pictures: Pekingese Painting by Michael Vistia.
Pekingese by Vistia

Looking for Pekingese pictures? Then you’ve come to the right place. Part of our collection of dog paintings, this Pekingese painting is gorgeous, colorful and vibrant. Pekingese painting comes in canvas prints as well as matted prints. Pekingese Pictures and … Read More

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Pekingese - Dog Picture, Dog Print, Dog Art. 'A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.' - Josh Billings (famous dog quotes). Wall Art and Wooden Signs with Dog Pictures and Dog Quotes. Features the Pekingese dog breed.

Looking for dog pictures of Pekingese dogs? Then you’ll love our dog art featuring the Pekingese dog breed! This dog print features a Pekingese, along with a famous dog quote. With archival quality ink and eco-friendly construction, this high quality … Read More

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Weathervanes: Pekingese Dog Weathervane for Roof and Garden Decor. Weathervane made in USA. Gifts for Dog Lovers. Michael Park Woodcarver.
Pekingese Dog Weathervane for Roof or Garden Decor

The Pekingese dog weathervane is fully functional and absolutely stunning! Featuring a three-dimensional wood-carving of the Pekingese dog breed, the dog weathervane is custom-made, hand-carved, hand-painted, and made in the USA. Whether you’re looking for rooftop weathervanes or garden stakes, … Read More

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