Boxer Dog

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Do you love Boxers? So do we! Boxers are very friendly, loving and beautiful dogs. Below is our collection of Boxer dog pictures, Boxer dog art, Boxer dog gifts. Our collection includes home decor and garden decor featuring the Boxer dog breed. Show your love for Boxers with Boxer dog pictures, Boxer dog art, and Boxer dog gifts! Our dog pictures and dog decor make great gifts for dog lovers. We offer high quality prints on wood as well as matted and canvas prints. Showcase your favorite dog breed with our dog paintings, dog portraits and dog pictures.

Basic Facts about Boxer Dogs

Boxers are known to be intelligent, brave, faithful, aimable (though distrustful of strangers). Temperament: Loving, cheerful family dog and companion dog. Average Height: 1′ 9″ to 2′ 1″ high at shoulder. Average Weight: 60-70 pounds. Average Life Span: 10-12 years.

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