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New Puppy!

Anyone who’s adopted one knows it’s true: Puppies are pure joy*—no-fuss, no-muss, no-mess joy. Right?

The “joy” part is undeniable, but it requires an asterisk. Why? Well, a puppy may provide boundless joy, but he also presents challenges. Demands your attention. Requires effort. Hijacks your plans. Commandeers your time.

In short, he requires effort on your part. Constant effort.  

Make it easy on yourself: Add to your all-around puppy-raising knowledge with a new online course called Whole Dog Journal’s Puppy Guide.

Your pup’s early days come with all kinds of teachable moments. You’ll be faced with immediate challenges like house-training, choosing a veterinarian, and how to keep puppy from jumping up (and knocking down) everyone he meets in your home or on the street.

The Puppy Guide course helps you identify teachable moments… and act on them. The six sections of expert-sourced information will ensure that you experience more puppy joys than challenges. More positive energy than exhaustion. More fun than frustration.

Yes, that furry little addition to your family offers unconditional love, undying trust, and incomparable loyalty.

In exchange, you’ll feed, clean, train, entertain, exercise, socialize, discipline, care-take, and more. Whew! 

Unfortunately, as they say, puppies don’t come with an instruction manual. The good news: Our online course is the next-best thing.

Within colorful, interactive presentations, you’ll find a wealth of information — information to help you meet the many challenges presented by your rambunctious little pup. Whole Dog Journal’s Puppy Guide offers easy-to-follow, people-friendly lessons featuring expert advice from our editors, trainers, and veterinary consultants.


Adopting and raising a puppy may seem like a simple proposition. But with any new pup, all bets are off.

Whether you’re about to adopt a puppy or have just welcomed one into your home, you’ll find Whole Dog Journal’s online Puppy Guide course to be:

• a time-saver
• a money-saver
• a stress-saver!

The online course teaches you everything you need to know when a new puppy enters your life. The benefits you’ll get from our experts will also be your puppy’s benefits. You’ll be better-suited to help him adapt to his new surroundings, transition into his new life… and ultimately become a healthy, socialized, well-adjusted adult dog.
Puppies grow fast. Very fast. Your window of time to coach your new best friend is short. Don’t wait to learn the basics of puppy-raising. Before you know it, you’ll have lost a golden opportunity to shape that pup into an even more perfect dog. Hindsight won’t help much if your puppy grows into a hard-to-handle pooch!

Listen to Nancy Kerns, longtime editor of Whole Dog Journal“I meet a lot of dog owners who say they wish they had spent more time training Rover when he was young. Now, they deal with a dog who still chews up pillows or shoes. Or who won’t ride in a car. Or who’s skittish and scared of the world around him. Or who doesn’t respond to simple cues like ‘Leave it!’ or ‘Come!’”

Whole Dog Journal’s Puppy Guide helps you nip all of these puppy issues (and many more!) in the bud. It’s the perfect way to learn basic puppy skills… before it’s too late!

By enrolling in Whole Dog Journal’s Puppy Guide, you’ll be arming yourself with the knowledge you need to raise your pup into a healthy, well-adjusted dog.

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