Natural Shine Shampoo
For excellent dog grooming, deep cleaning, gentle and non-drying. Rinses easily. Incredible shine. Exfoliates, deodorizes, brings balance to dry and oily skin. Powerful plant essences kill fleas and mites without pesticides. No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or perfumes. GREAT for allergies.

Therapy Conditioner
Absorbs quickly and restores vitality with moisturizers. 100% pure blend of Geranium, Lavender and more. Reduces matting and shedding. NO greasy residue. Rinse out or leave in. Apply between baths. Plant essences kill and repel bugs. Stops itching instantly.

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All Natural Flea Spray
Powerful, effective, safe, 100% pure Essential Oils that kill and repel fleas, mites and mosquitoes. Fresh scent is a Lemongrass blend. Deodorizes and quiets itchy skin. NO pesticides.

Therapy Healing Cream
100% pure Balsam Peru, Thyme, Lavender and more. Aids with hot spots, ringworm, infections, allergy rashes, elbow callouses and irritations. Heals and restores. Use several times a day and rub in well.

Stress Relief Mist
Soothes and calms. Lavender, Sweet Orange and more work quickly to relieve stress and anxiety. Helpful for dogs that are fearful of thunderstorms. Lift chin and mist throat area or front legs as much and as often as needed. Use on bedding or in crates.

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