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Kittens and Play

Kittens love to play and this provides much more than just simple pleasure to a young developing cat. Play involves the use of all the muscles in the body, and aids strong, healthy growth and development. Two kittens will happily play together and this encourages social development too; they will also enjoy the added stimulus of toys to play with. A sole kitten actually needs toys if it is to develop, both socially and physically, into a healthy, well-adjusted adult.

Kitten playing

A play pole, covered in rope or similar fabric, will encourage the kitten to scratch. This saves both your carpets and furnishings, and provides a most necessary function; the kitten will both clean and sharpen its claws while scratching. This action exercises not only the claws and paws, but also extends to the muscles in the legs and the back, and so is of great importance to the cat’s general well being.

Kitten scratching post

Toys, especially those scented with cat mint, will also cause great excitement and interest, and ensures that the olfactory lobes are exercised too. In addition, they will stimulate a kitten confined to a domestic environment to simulate the natural responses it would have when catching prey. Noisy toys will cause interest, too, whether they be by the way of a squeak or a rattle. This all helps to keep the ear senses well tuned.

Just as with a small child, toys provide much, much more than mere fun – they are part of the process of not just learning, but also of growing up.

Courtesy “The Complete Cat Book”