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Is Your Dog Terrified To Be Alone?

Is Your Dog Terrified To Be Alone? There Is Hope!

It’s every dog owner’s nightmare – your dog is afraid to be left alone. It’s a life-altering situation that’s heartbreaking, destructive, and potentially dangerous. But with this innovative book from professional dog trainer and behavior therapist Nicole Wilde, you’ll learn not only how to distinguish separation anxiety from similar-looking maladies, but also how to alleviate this debilitating disorder.

Don’t Leave Me is a Separation Anxiety textbook that will teach you to:

  • Recognize The Behavior
  • Handle The Trauma
  • Manage The Symptoms
  • Determine The Treatment

Using real-life examples plus her experience with her own dog, Nicole Wilde leads you through the facts and falsehoods of what separation anxiety is, its causes, and the potential remedies.

Did you know?

  • Your “clingy” dog doesn’t necessarily have separation issues?
  • Letting your dog sleep in your bed will NOT encourage separation anxiety?
  • Gating a separation-stressed dog is possible?
  • Certain medications are a safe and useful part of effective treatment?
  • Effective Management (including when and how to leave him alone)
  • Proper Nutrition (and which foods to avoid!)
  • Appropriate Exercise (but be cautious of one particular place)
  • Confidence Building (and why you need to be a strong leader)

In addition, you’ll discover calming tools such as music, flower essences, D.A.P., and even body wraps, all of which can soothe your dog in times of distress.

Separation anxiety is a very serious issue that forces too many dog-owners to give up hope (and their dogs!), but there are solutions – learn and implement them with the help of this hands-on guidebook. Order your copy of Don’t Leave Me today!





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