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Imagine Every Dog Owner’s Worst Nightmare Happening to You…


Your dog is running straight towards the street. You’re calling his name, yelling “Come!”What does he do?

We know you’re careful with your dog. He’s always leashed. He never bolts out of the door. He doesn’t like to chase squirrels. Until the moment he’s unsecured and he takes off.

Is your dog trained to reliably come when called?



Most of us are working on a reliable “recall,” but our pooches haven’t entirely gotten the hang of it…yet. Well, he better…

Introducing The Recall: Teach Your Dog to Come When Called, the must-have manual for teaching your dog an instantaneous, joyous, fast recall, without a second thought. In this eBook from The Whole Dog Journal, we’ve gathered the best advice from our contributors and top-notch trainers. Inside is everything needed for a reliable recall. You’ll learn…


  • Why the “come to me or else” method DOES NOT work
  • That dogs make decisions like accountants: “Is this good for me or bad for me?”
  • Why using a long leash is an essential training aid, and a retractable one is a big NO at any time
  • The 5 steps to creating a positive association with your recall cue.
  • The importance of having two recall cues. The second is only for emergencies and should be 100% effective, in all conditions
  • 7 tips for handling an off-leash crisis. The most difficult-yet-most-important rule to follow…DON’T PANIC!



This easy-to-read, step-by-step guide is your key to the reliable recall. And this eBook is available for purchase exclusively from The Whole Dog Journal – download The Recall today!