All it took was a sudden lunge and a flash of teeth. You may have missed it by a hair, but regardless, the intention was unmistakable: your dog could have bitten you, or someone else.

“This behavior came out of nowhere,” you say, and to you, that may be true. Your dog however, if able to talk, would tell a very different story. Earlier risk factors, subtle clues in his behavior, a rising stack of stressors, all warning signs aimed to clue you in, were missed.

No dog wants to bite, just as no one wants to be bitten. As the careful, responsible dog owner you are, you’re looking for ways to avoid a potential bite before it happens. Let the experts of Whole Dog Journal make your life less stressful, by learning how to do the same for your dog!

Dog BitesWhole Dog Journal’s newest eBook, will give you the insight you need to understand why some dogs respond with aggression, and how you as their owner can help remove or manage stressors in their environment that can lead them to lashing out.

Download today, to find the following tips inside…

Why growling is good and how to decipher the many types. (Some dogs even talk in growls!)

How to lower your dog’s “bite threshold” by recognizing stressors in your dog’s environment, and how to remove them entirely.

Train your dog through play! Learn how a game of tug can lead to changes in biting behavior.

Including specialist’s advice and sample behavior modification training and programs, Dog Bites has all the information you’ll need: from why our instinctual reaction to punish a growl or lunge is harmful to a dog’s future communication, to how to desensitize your dog to adverse stimuli in their environment through counter-conditioning.




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