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Cat Doormats

This funny cat mat is sure to make cat lovers smile! Our cat mats feature cat quotes to charm you and your guests. Ever feel like the staff for your cat? Then this cat mat is sure to please! Durable and humorous, this mat features a beautiful cat silhouette along with the following cat quote:

“The Cat and its housekeeping staff reside here.”

Cat Mat for Cat Lovers (The Cat and Staff)

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If you enjoy cat quotes and cat art, these cat mats are a perfect addition to your cat decor! They also make a wonderful gift for all the cat lovers in your life. Made with 100% Olefin indoor/outdoor carpet, this cat mat may be used as a doormat or placemat for your beloved pet’s food bowls.

Cat Mat Details
Measurements: 18″ x 27″
100% Olefin indoor/outdoor carpet
Perfect bound stitched edges
Instructions: Do not machine wash. Wash with hose and a brush. Dry flat.
Made in the USA!

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