True Love

  No one expects to fall in love with the boy next door, but when a shy golden retriever named Lola met her neighbor Loki, sparks immediately began to fly. In March, Lola and her mom Amber Monte moved into … Read More

Whole Dog Journal’s Blog August 2, 2018

Are grain-free dog foods good or bad for your dog? By Nancy Kerns I’ve been getting calls, emails, social media messages, and countless forwarded articles from other websites and publications – perhaps even from you! And the first thing I … Read More

Dog Quotes

Click on any of the dog quotes below to view matching dog art. Funny Dog Quotes & Dog Sayings Collection of funny dog quotes and dog sayings… “Acquiring a dog may be the only chance you get to pick a … Read More

Simple Skills for Successful Training

Dog training is not a mysterious skill known only to a few; most dog owners, with a little help, can become successful dog trainers. Here are some skills that will make your training easier: * Know what you want your … Read More

Yoga…The Masters !  

Top Ten Health Warning Signs

There are several health warning signs that may appear as a dog ages. Frequently these signs go unnoticed. Here are the ten most important changes to watch for as warning signs for potential health problems or disease processes. Note that … Read More

Kittens and Play

Kittens love to play and this provides much more than just simple pleasure to a young developing cat. Play involves the use of all the muscles in the body, and aids strong, healthy growth and development. Two kittens will happily … Read More

Shop Our Dog Signs by Breed

We have a collection of dog decor, organized by dog breeds. Go to and click on the dog breeds to discover which of our products feature that breed. If you do not see the dog breed you are looking … Read More

Cat Doormats

This funny cat mat is sure to make cat lovers smile! Our cat mats feature cat quotes to charm you and your guests. Ever feel like the staff for your cat? Then this cat mat is sure to please! Durable … Read More

Dog and Cat Angels

Are you or a loved one missing a beloved pet who has gone on to doggy or kitty heaven? What a nice way to commemorate their presence with these beautiful printed signs, available in many different sizes. To order the … Read More

Dog Breed Garden Stakes

Celebrate dogs with these beautiful garden stakes for dog-lovers. Each of these garden stakes features a welcome sign along with a dog breed. Our pet shop is pleased to offer home and garden decor with high-quality craftsmanship. To view our … Read More

Dog Birthday Cakes

Celebrate your dog’s birthday with our delicious and nutritious dog cakes! In our dog bakery, each dog birthday cake is handmade and hand-decorated by our award-winning baker! Treat your dogs like the family they truly are — with homemade dog … Read More

Dog Breed Welcome Signs

Enhance your garden and home decor with this wonderful welcome sign — featuring the beautiful Golden Retriever dog breed! An excellent gift for dog lovers, this welcome sign is suitable for both indoor and outdoor display. Crafted with care, the … Read More

Love Cats? So Do We!

If you love cat images and cat quotes, you may just fall in love with our cat pillows. These beautiful pillows make a stylish addition to your cat decor, and are great gifts for the cat lovers in your life. … Read More

What is Catnip?

Catnip is a recreational substance for cats’ enjoyment and aids in digestion. Catnip is harmless and non-addictive — so cat owners need not worry. Catnip, a natural member of the mint family, is a perennial herb with the botanical name … Read More

Nature’s Embrace Aromatherapy

Natural Shine Shampoo For excellent dog grooming, deep cleaning, gentle and non-drying. Rinses easily. Incredible shine. Exfoliates, deodorizes, brings balance to dry and oily skin. Powerful plant essences kill fleas and mites without pesticides. No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or perfumes. … Read More

Ultra Oil For Pets – Mother Nature’s Gift

Ultra Oil Skin and Coat Supplement for your pet’s healthy skin and a shining coat is a pure gift from Mother Nature designed to alleviate the flaky skin, itching and excessive scratching that can result from deficiencies in your pet’s … Read More

Welcome to Pet Lovers Market!

We are pleased to open our doors to pet lovers around the nation — and offer free shipping on all our pet supplies and gifts for pet lovers. Soon we will be offering a dog bakery with homemade dog treats; … Read More