Most people, especially those who aren’t currently pet owners, don’t consider how a pet could affect their career. However, if you’re a busy entrepreneur and welcoming a new pet to your home, there are some things you need to know.

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1. Pets Need Time to Adjust

New pet owners often have visions of pets snuggling with them on the couch or taking fun day trips with their new friend. Few are thinking about an anxious cat or dog acting out when no one else is home. Animals are much more territorial than humans and like to live in spaces that they’re familiar with. It can take time for them to settle in. During the first few weeks of your pet’s arrival, you may need to make yourself available to help your animal adjust. It may be worth considering running your business from home for a while if possible.

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2. Pets Can Be Expensive

Like any good entrepreneur, you likely have a budget for your business, but you’ll need one for your pet, too. Caring for an animal can be costly, especially if they have any health issues. Even a healthy animal needs the occasional checkup, especially when they’ve just been adopted. Don’t jump into pet ownership if things are too tight financially. It isn’t fair to you or your would-be companion.

3. Be Prepared for Emergencies

Keep in mind that there may be surprise expenses. Like people, pets have medical emergencies, and a visit to the veterinary emergency room can be expensive. Keep in mind that there is more to dealing with emergencies than just having an emergency fund to help cover the expense. Like a human ER, emergency vets use triage to operate efficiently, and for many pet owners, emergencies and other medical worries can be stressful and may involve long waits. Also seeing your animal in distress can be upsetting and may distract you from your work.

4. Pets Thrive on Routine

Your new pup isn’t going to relax all day just because you got stuck in a meeting. Similarly, your new cat may be happy to bask in the sun during the day but could grow anxious if dinner time gets delayed. In short, pets like routines.

There are ways that you can teach your pet to be more flexible, but you are likely to need to adjust your schedule adjustments in the beginning. Otherwise, you may be coming home to ruined furniture and accidents. The good news is that learning effective time management skills can help you as a business owner as well.

It’s Worth It in the End

There’s one more thing you need to know about welcoming a new pet: It is totally worth it! Everyone is different, of course. However, for most people, the bond with a pet is well worth all the effort and costs. As a new business owner, you may also have an easier time managing stress when you have a furry new friend to cuddle with.


Ryan Goodchild

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