Maybe it’s because we feed them and rub their bellies, or maybe it’s because they can’t understand exactly what we’re saying, but pets are among the very few things on earth that are almost guaranteed to love you if you love them. Sometimes they love you without checking to see if you’re on the same page first, too.

And to our immense credit as a species, we do a pretty good job of honoring that sort of uncomplicated goodness.

We buy them presents solely for them, like Kong balls and ultra-durable fluffy bunnies they can gnaw at to their heart’s content, and then we buy things that serve as a little present for us, too — like litters that clean themselves automatically and tiny rope toys that look like your dog is smoking a cigar. After all, we’re only human.

I grew up with five dogs, two cats, and a tiny snapping turtle that I got to keep for the week my mom didn’t know about it. I know it’s great to have pets, and I know from experience how invested I was in their happiness. And I figured: The more you care, the more detailed your research and trial approach, the better your recommendations. So I decided to ask my coworkers what were the best things they ever bought their furry friend, hoping for at least a few responses.

In the next hour, I had over 20 emails and more than a few with attachments of a coworker’s dog or cat rolling around and tearing into their newest toy. Even if you read through them all and don’t pick up anything for your own pet, it’s nice to see that kind of dedication and care for another little life. Plus, I think the original theory held true: People really care about their pets. Each recommendation has some personal significance and a happy accountability to our furry best friends attached.

Below you’ll find tried-and-true recommendations for some of the beings we love the most, plus exactly why we love them:

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A tough dog rope for the most energetic (or determined) of dogs